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Ride-hailing is changing transportation in Enugu

by Stella Inabo

Photo Credit: Ayoola Salako

Until recent times, many Enugu residents would have considered the idea of hailing a ride on their smartphones from the comfort of their homes as a phenomenon associated with larger and busier cities like Lagos and Abuja.

Yet in a town like Enugu, with a less dense population and numerous buses, cabs and kekes to cater to its population, ride-hailing companies are selling the idea of quick, convenient, and cost-effective transportation easily.

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by Koso Agboanike

Have you watched Rio, the animated movie? It follows the efforts of an ornithologist to pair what he believes to be the last Spix’s macaws on earth, in a bid to prevent their extinction. In the second installment of the movie, he finds a whole paradise in the wild full of the macaws.

The Spix’s macaw is now believed to be extinct in the wild. 60 to 80 of them still live in captivity.

If Igbo language was an animal, it would be in a wildlife sanctuary, being bred in captivity. Conservative groups would be frantically trying to mate it by in vitro methods, so its bloodline would continue after it dies.

Nat Geo Wild would run a documentary on it, titled The Race To Save Igbo.

Yes, Igbo is an endangered language.

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Enugu, A Place to be

by Sedo Elijah Ebinne

Nike Lake Road by Ayooluwa Isaiah

Calm, peaceful and serene, Enugu, the Coal City State, is aptly nicknamed, from its history as the one time largest producer of coal in Nigeria.

Formed in 1991, the name “Enugu” was coined from two Igbo words, enu and ugwu, meaning ‘ontop of a hill.’ This phrase bears an accurate description of the region with its undulating, rolling hills.

Formerly a part of Anambra State, Enugu is known within Igboland as the Wawa state. This is influenced by the language where natives respond with wa, meaning ‘no,’ instead of mba as commonly used in other parts of Igboland.


World Food Day: Fio-Fio (DiscoverEnuguFood)

by Uchenna Kaiser Egbujie

To the students of the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu Ji na fio-fio is the number one delicacy. Ọzọ Igbo ndụ one of the popular Campus 3.

Fio-fio is a tasty, nutritious and affordable Igbo cuisine with rates as low as 200 naira per serving that is filling enough to last the full day.

For the students, Ji and fio-fio is the ready pick and a crowd’s favorite.

Across the decades, year in, year out, this special delicacy has reigned supreme at the top of the food menu.


Apo Filling Station, Gariki, Enugu: A Den for the Wayward Ones

by Uchenna Kaiser Egbujie

Photo Credit: Nairaland

For all who have had the experience, the very mention of Apo Filling Station rakes up bitter memories that leave ashes in the mouth. It is not a filling station as the name implies, do not be deceived.

This corner of the universe is a popular junction situated around the outskirts of Gariki, Enugu and locally regarded as bandit territory.

It is the default grooming ground for thieves and pickpockets who well trained for coordinated snatch-and-run. It is a den and home for many youths, who continue to seek and sample power as it gives them permission to converge and practice numerous street learned crafts.

Even as society frowns on such learning as the wrong kind of craft. Here, minds are bent, heads are turned, promising hands are taught to handle contrabands, smuggle weapons and smoke weed. The young, old, homeless and/or exploring are welcome. It allows for experimentation and learning. Most importantly, they are taught how to survive on the streets.

It calls out to so many inquiring, “Come for fun, leave with power”.

Photo Credit:

If you ever come visiting or pass through the route, the first thing about Apo filling station that catches your attention is the supercharged energy in its environs with its teeming population that continues to swell and build, especially by the evening hours.

The blaring loudspeakers from vendors and record stores, the incessant honking of vehicle horns trapped in traffic, the chatter of children, and catcalls from street boys. They all contribute to the variegated sounds of Apo. A pulsing place of music, noise, and people.

It is the nerve center for commercial activities within the Gariki axis, but when you pass by, don’t let anything distract you.

Even if you are driving and stuck in traffic, do not even let the sound of your own car stereo distract. Keep it down!

Keep your eyes peeled, ears pricked, and sensitivity level at a hundred and ten.

Ensure valuables like jewelry, phones, tablets or laptops are not within sight, especially if you are seated close to the window. If possible, wind up.

The miscreants of Apo Filling Station are well-trained in spotting a potential snatch. They know the regulars versus those just passing through.

If ever the bright glow from your phone’s screen catches their attention, you will be approached with careful stealth. They become the hunter, and you, soon to be bushmeat.

Following behind you, they will trail, waiting for the perfect second to engage their fast fingers, and that will be the end of it. Their strike is always lightning-fast, you never see it coming. Gifted with perfect reflexes and quick legs, they will disappear into the nearest street corner before you even get a chance to protect yourself.

And if you do decide to chase after them, be sure to have more than your own legs. Engage the services of about four to six more legs. Only that way, may you stand a chance of apprehending the thief.

Considering, the congested neighborhood and complex road network, you will find it challenging staying close to their heels. They cut corners fast as they know every street corner and hideouts like the hand knows its way to the mouth even at night.

At Apo filling station Enugu, valuables change ownership within minutes. This is not a fabricated tale. It is real and Apo continues to pulse and teem with villans and victims to date.

And while every town has its dreaded territory, I can only bring to light for the unaware, my own.

Be safe and vigilant.

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by Emmanuella Ozioma Igboko

Do you know that you are responsible for every piece of information you share on social media?

How often do you verify information before passing it on? Or do you just forward it as received?

Do you always take responsibility for your actions, or do you find a way to blame it on others or “circumstances”?

Very often, we are quick to blame and judge the government, society, religious leaders, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, every other service provider, our family, friends, neighbors, love interests, even our ancestors, anybody but ourselves.

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#DiscoverEnuguEvents: TEDx Bissalla Road

by Osiagor Micheal and Sedo Elijah Ebinne






The TEDx BissallaRd which took place at Bon Hotel Sunshine, Enugu on the 1st of October 2019 was a tremendous success.

The event was supposed to start by 10 am but due to technical challenges, the start-up time was delayed. Soft music throbbed facilely in the aesthetic ultra-modern hall courtesy of the Media and Sound team.

By 10:30 am, the hall was almost filled with people made up of a youth majority.

The ushers, dressed in vibrant hues of white, red and white, as a silent nod to the TEDx insignia, appeared well dressed and decorous. They quietly and easily coordinated attendees into the Ox-blood colored chairs which were demarcated according to ticket fees for sections covering VIP, regular and student guests.

During the wait time frame, excited attendees participated in networking with most taking pictures and selfies with the guest speakers.

The fun was off to a great start!

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Enugu State: Home for all

by Sedo Elijah Ebinne

Fog covered cars line the roads. Crickets sing. Sunshine, yellow and red lines the edges of the horizon as dawn comes awake. Neat rows of manicured bushes and elephant grass line the fences of the variegated houses which shine with opulent hues. Well-fed gate men sitting on plastic chairs adjust their radios while singing animatedly in Hausa. G.R.A wakes up last in the city of Enugu, most people believe.

Emmanuel Ben-Paul on Unsplash

Some sleep soundly, some sleep restlessly, as generator sets hum loudly in non-existent soundproof cages.