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Ugwuanyi’s Infrastructural Development: From housing units to construction of a new stadium

…”the government of Enugu State came up with a way to bridge this gap, finding an answer to this in the creation of affordable housing units for civil servants.”

Basic facilities have been installed and constructed in Enugu State over the past decade, ranging from the construction of roads and bridges to the reconstruction of abandoned projects. Although there have also been other contributions in various sectors like education, where the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB) has earned itself access to the Federal Government UBE fund, this article focuses on the infrastructural development in the state. 

At the first swearing-in of the Governor of Enugu State, His Excellency Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, he pushed forward the notion of infrastructural development among other crucial issues as one of his four-point agenda, and notable achievements have been observed since then. Right from the outset, there was a universal approach to the construction of infrastructure which is evident in the construction of roads from Obechara road, Mechanic Village to Opi-Nsukka, etc.

There has also been an extension of Ituku Road, construction of bridges in Nkanu Local Government as well as the reconstruction of Neke-Mbu-Ogbodu-Aba-Obollo Etiti roads. These last connecting roads reduced the cost of fuel as well as time required to travel through these villages. The implication of this is that it fostered a peaceful relationship among these communities since they share a common road. It has been documented that the sum of not less than forty-five billion naira was spent on these roads, further proving that the best has been given to this project.

Similarly, the kind of productive thought put into the construction and reconstruction of roads in these communities was accorded to civil servants, where it was discovered that based on their salaries and responsibilities, a great percentage of them do not have the opportunity to ever own houses and end up paying rent till retirement. Having thought of how this creates both financial and social gaps between the upper and middle classes, the government of Enugu State came up with a way to bridge this gap, finding an answer to this in the creation of affordable housing units for civil servants. As reported by Vanguard on 30th June 2021, Enugu State has partnered with Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC) to generate 750 housing units for civil servants which were affordable as well as serve as a means to help them fulfil their dreams of owning a house. It is important to note that this is the crucial dream of every hard-working individual.

In fulfilment of this, the Coal City View Satellite Estate was dedicated to giving civil servants and their families a good life, one which is usually only afforded by the rich. This luxurious lifestyle is accompanied by social and economic infrastructures, surrounded by wonderful amenities. In addition to these houses would be the construction of schools, medical facilities, shopping plaza, power supply and electricity which would accord them a stress-free lifestyle. 

It is quite important to note that the choice of Alpha Mead Development Company stems from a deep consideration of the best real estate development company in Nigeria which would have the ability to execute the project. They are the only real estate company in the country certified by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation’s EDGE-Advanced Standards. They are also certified by the ISO and have been known to execute projects properly, developing strong buildings with the best choice of facilities. 

As reported by Punch on 19th July 2021, the State Housing MD explained that another motive in building these houses is that it would aid in decongesting the center of Enugu, extending development to the city outskirts where this estate is located. The Punch newspaper also reported that 1,500 housing units are being developed through the State Housing Development Corporation in three senatorial districts. A payment period of 20-30 years has been planned to be given to the civil servants, to enable them to pay off gradually without feeling the impact. 

The last infrastructural development to be explored in this article is that of the 5000 seat capacity stadium being erected at Nsukka stadium. It has been noted that AstroTurf, Tartan Tracks, and seats have been installed, and the development is already above 90% due to its completion. To encourage grassroots sports development, this stadium would as well attract inter-regional and inter-state competitions in the future, making the Enugu State model and hallmark of excellence.

Written by Enema Oluchi

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