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How The GBURUGBURU led Administration has pushed Enugu State forward

“…the ‘GbuguGburu’ led administration has paved a way for the seismic growth of Enugu’s political stratosphere.”


The Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi led administration has seen a paradigm shift from elitist political dichotomy to people-oriented government-led initiatives with the focus of the government being welfare, housing, security, job, and formal democracy. With principled maneuvering of people’s opinions with the government’s well-laid plans, Enugu has reached a peak where it stands on the pedestal of emulation among the six geopolitical Igbo communities in the nation. By breaching the gap between well-being and access to modern and useful infrastructure, the ‘GbuguGburu’ led administration has paved a way for the seismic growth of Enugu’s political stratosphere.

Over the past seven years, since 2015 Enugu has seen tremendous growth and development from various sides. This was championed by the governor and his well-meaning political advisers who through many innovative schemes have placed Enugu as the pinnacle of the east.

Investing in Development Projects

One of the first things the gburugburu led administration did was invest in development projects in several parts of the region. In the meantime, some of the projects already executed include but are not limited to the following;

-The Inyaba Bridge in Naknu East local government area which has provided some “economic links” for the people of Amagunze, Amechi-Idodo, and the people of Enugu East local government area; 

-The Ndemde Bridge in Enugu South local government area; 

-The rural electrification and water projects in Olido, Umuida, and Umuopu in Igbo-Eze North council area; the Ogbaku Road in Agwu; Agbani-Afor-Amuri Road in Nkanu local council; 

-The Iheaka-Ibagwa-Itchi-Unadu-Ovoko Road in Igbo-Eze South council; 

-The Ekochin-Ekeani-Miliken Hill-New Market Road in Enugu North, the 14-kilometer Opi-Nsukka dual carriageway, Enugu State University of Science and Technology Teaching Hospital, Igbo-Eno, 

-The 13-kilometer Abakpa-Emene link, the beautifully crafted Emene-Ugwuomu road, and a host of others too numerous to mention.

Power Rotation

In regards to the appointment of officers, the executive governor of Enugu State has laid a firm foundation for cooperation by grouping his officers irrespective of origin strategically in his executive council. This action has ensured peaceful coexistence among the leaders of the people. According to The Reporter, speaking on this issue, Former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, and elder statesman in the state, Chief Dubem Onyia, urged the ruling party of Enugu State to its adherence to upholding the zoning agreement which was entered into at a caucus meeting of shareholders in 2014. In this agreement, the party promised to uphold the rotation of government among the three senatorial zones, a move that was responsible for the election of the present governor of the state. The observance of this condition would safeguard the interests of the people and keep peace and good governance within reach. This strategic power-sharing and action of this government have helped to keep peace and satisfaction of the people within borders.

Development of Rural Areas

Thirdly while focusing on many vast projects in the city, the administration also made a laudable effort in carrying out various projects in the rural area bringing ease from the people living in the affected areas.

In the time since the government came into office, there has been a rural-urban shift. However, the governor curtailed this by the formation of ‘One Community, One Project’ an initiative, he hoped would address one strategic need each community had at a particular time and bring respite to the people. The policy was not just aimed at livelihood but new infrastructures such as new roads, schools, investments in agriculture, and some other useful economic growers to make the rural areas more urbanized.

Moreover, more projects are being flagged off and, indeed, fully executed in non-urban areas. 

Some of these projects include: 

Constructions of Obollo-Eke Junction; Agala-Okpaligbo Junction, Ohom Orba-Amajioka-Umuikeoha-Agu Orba, and Okpu Agu Orba Road in Udenu local government area. 

Worthy of mention also are; the Ogurute-Mkpamute-Igogoro-Ikpamodo-Okpo-Amaja Road in Igbo Eze North, and the Ugbwakwa-Nara-Nkerefi Federal Road which has attracted the Governor’s timeous intervention. 

Available statistical records showed Enugu State under the leadership of Governor Ugwuanyi has completed over 650-kilometer roads just within the space of 6 years without losing focus on other critical sectors in the state.

 And at a time when many economies are thriving, the efforts at political and economic stability in the seven various local government areas of the state is truly laudable.

Security and Wellness

To ensure the security of his people, the executive governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was one of the first governors to sign the anti-grazing bill restricting grazing herdsmen from coming into the State. The implementation of the bill came timely as the grazing activities usually led to the destruction of farmlands by the cattle during grazing. The bill came into force in September 2021and is the first Eastern State to implement the anti-grazing law initiative. Such audacious moves were also the bedrock of the ban on drugs and substance misuse and the massive anti-drug awareness campaigns carried out after ‘mkpurummiri’-(methamphetamine), became a start and nationwide drug menace in 2021. 

There is no magic formula to these successes only that the government is keen to keep the policies of the states on the rise and in the same tier as many urbanized states in the world.

Quick and Timely Government Action

Most recently the governor was able to respond very swiftly to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic by the use of media awareness and campaigns aimed at sensitizing people to the dangers of the virus and educating them on ways to prevent it from spreading from one person to another.

The government has been lauded for the swift and timely manner in which it handled the COVID 19 issue and this has brought a lot of praise from both within and around the borders of the state.


There is no doubt that the present government has laid a firm foundation that millennia of governors after can emulate. The legacies of the state which have formed a system of systemized strategic development will outlive the present administration to the next one. With each new dawn, the quiet city on the hill lives up to the moniker-A State in the Hands of God

Sedo Elijah Ebinne writes from Enugu

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